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First few words & Christmas challenge

The thought of doing something like this was rumbling in my head for a longer while now, but I always managed to find an excuse or just get caught up with daily life. Well, let’s be honest, chaos (!). I am not completely sure what kind of blog this is going to be. I would like it to, overtime, become a cosy space which I can decorate with some of my favourite ‘everything’. Positive, warm, fragrant like a tiny cafe where everyone sits in deep armchairs upholstered in floral Jacquard, sipping hot chocolate or coffee, reading exciting stories from rattling pages of a yellowing book or just chatting away in a muted voices. The space where I can store the excess of things that go through my head and let anyone keen on joining me on that journey, feel snug and comfortable.

What a better way of starting the blog than with a Christmas countdown? Not any countdown! But exciting, sweet and beyond challenging! It will be some sort of Christmas calendar of my own; 24 days, 24 bakes! Starting on 1st of December, I am going to upload a recipe for a cake I decide to bake and a photo as a proof of task being accomplished. I am going to share the pictures of my bakes, no matter the outcome. Fingers crossed as I am no professional baker, just a baking enthusiast and real sweet-tooth! Luckily, my family and friends promised to help out and make sure that there is no crumbles left on the plates.

It is official then! Let the Christmas Bake-Off begin!

Christmas BAKE OFF

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