Day 4 ‘Chocolate – Nutella Pops’

You know the feeling when you browse through Pinterest looking for an inspiration or idea and after an hour spent in that beautiful, almost perfect world of meticulously crafted image you feel irrationally empowered. I get that a lot. And this time wasn’t any different.

I was thinking about perfect candidate for the fourth day of Christmas Bake-off. Let me tell you, weather in London is quite miserable at this time of year and I wanted to lift my family’s spirits by preparing something tasty and fun! I thought cake pops would be a great idea. Since I had never made them before I had to turn to my good old friend, Pinterest, for inspiration and advise. I typed ‘cake pops’ in its search box and there it was! The Wonderland paved with colourful icing where rain and fog didn’t exist, there was only rainbow of sprinkle. By the way, I highly recommend you doing this exercise and search  for ‘cake pops’ if you have a bad day or just want to disconnect for a moment looking at incredibly beautiful and satisfying things. So I had a plan, I envisioned exactly how my little, cute pops would look like. There was no more time to waste.

Most of instructions didn’t seem to be complicated. You bake sponge cake of any kind, as long as it’s spongy everything should be alright. Next step is to deconstruct it by literally crushing the cake into crumbs, adding bounding agent of your preference and you are almost there… At least that’s what I thought.

My plan was to make perfectly round chocolate cake – Nutella pops covered in glossy milk chocolate with almonds. Though the eyes of my imagination I saw them looking like Ferrero Roche.

I am not sure where exactly, but something went wrong and my pops weren’t light enough to hold on a stick, unless put upside down. The chocolate coat… I just decided to save the situation by sprinkling some gold, edible glitter so they at least look a bit more festive! Anyway,  you can judge the final result yourself. There you go, my Chocolate-Nutella (should be double ‘o’) Pops! 

The outcome may not be the most impressive, but at least I managed to make everyone who saw them smile! And had so much fun taking photos with my little Elf. 

And how the Score Chart presents itself today? I think my friends thought that was a good joke, hence three tens in ‘Looks’ category.

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