Day 14 ‘Chocolate Orange Truffles’

‘It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere I go…’ M. Bublé is singing on the radio… Well, it usually starts right after Halloween; glowing pumpkins, cobwebs and spiders disappear from all the porches and stores as if by wave of a magic wand. Christmas trees spring out overnight in the city and out of a sudden we can see signs of festive period everywhere.

One of the biggest transformations around this time of year is definitely happening in the sweets department. All our favourite chocolate bars and cookies change their ‘attire’ to look more festive and eye catching. Not mentioning the special, limited lines that cannot be found outside of Christmas period. The list of those is longer than Santa’s beard! And everyone has their own favourites that they look forward to munching on.

I have my own list of Christmas treats that I wouldn’t like to miss on. Starting from the bottom of the list; number three on the podium are the salt and caramel pretzels which, by the way, are so addictive that once started I cannot stop eating. Second; cookie dough bites- Christmas edition. I believe those are covered in two layers of super tasty chocolate instead of one, and full of those tiny crispy coco pops, yummy. Time for number one ladies and gentleman, first place belongs to the orange chocolate truffles! Those are so good that if I only could I wouldn’t share with anyone…

This year, instead of buying multiple packs, I decided to make them myself and keep in a fridge so they last longer. The book with Christmas recipes dedicated specially for those who have a sweet tooth, which I got few years back from my family, came in handy. The recipe is very simple but my expectations quite high!

Original Recipe Chocolate Truffles

whipping cream- 25 ml
honey- 20 g
milk chocolate- 200 g
dark chocolate- 25 g
amaretto- 35 ml (I added half of the tsp of natural Brazilian orange extract instead of amaretto)
cocoa- 4-5 Tbsp

1. Pour the cream into a pan and keep on the stove until you see the bubbles. Keep whisking so it doesn’t burn. 
2. Lower the fire and add honey, mix both together until well incorporated. Take off the stove.
3. In a separate bowl melt both, milk and dark chocolates and pour them into the cream&honey mix. Add butter and amaretto (or orange extract) and mix gently until all ingredients well combined.
4. Once completely cooled, leave in a fridge for about two hours. 
5. Scoop the mix out of the bowl with a teaspoon forming irregular balls or take entire block out and cut with knife into dice. 
6. Last, but by no means least, sprinkle with cocoa.

Tip: Keep Truffles in a fridge for perfect texture and so you can enjoy them longer!

Well, maybe I don’t sound completely credible because at the end of the day I made them myself but…the result exceeded my expectations by far! The truffles came out creamy, delicate and most importantly, level of sweetness was just spot on. I sprinkled them with unsweetened cocoa to give a bit of character and more of a raw look. To anyone, who like me, loves orange chocolate truffles, this is your new Christmas must

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