Day 16 ‘White Christmas Truffle Cake’

The second week of my baking challenge is about to be over… I’m going though all the recipes looking at what I have already baked, trying to decide what still could be added and what’s missing in my rather fast growing collection of bakes. What I can see is indefinite sea of chocolate; chocolate truffles, chocolate brownies, chocolate decorations everywhere. At this point it’s quite … Continue reading Day 16 ‘White Christmas Truffle Cake’

Day 14 ‘Chocolate Orange Truffles’

‘It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere I go…’ M. Bublé is singing on the radio… Well, it usually starts right after Halloween; glowing pumpkins, cobwebs and spiders disappear from all the porches and stores as if by wave of a magic wand. Christmas trees spring out overnight in the city and out of a sudden we can see signs of festive period … Continue reading Day 14 ‘Chocolate Orange Truffles’

Day 11 ‘Banana Bread with Chocolate Chips’

After yesterday’s failure I felt like treating my family to something delicious but not too fancy. A cake that can be done in one bowl, bakes in 45 minutes and you truly enjoy every single bite of. Also, knowing that we must have already consumed few kilograms of sugar, between now and 1st day of the challenge, I thought of using slightly different sweetening agent … Continue reading Day 11 ‘Banana Bread with Chocolate Chips’

Day 4 ‘Chocolate – Nutella Pops’

You know the feeling when you browse through Pinterest looking for an inspiration or idea and after an hour spent in that beautiful, almost perfect world of meticulously crafted image you feel irrationally empowered. I get that a lot. And this time wasn’t any different. I was thinking about perfect candidate for the fourth day of Christmas Bake-off. Let me tell you, weather in London is quite … Continue reading Day 4 ‘Chocolate – Nutella Pops’

Day 1 ‘Chocolate-Apple Loaf’

I decided to start the challenge with a tasty, chocolatey but not overly difficult cake, as far as baking skills concerned. Let’s treat this one as a proper warm-up. I really wanted to bake something that was more of a sure bet, so the first picture on my blog looks decent. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t like chocolate cake with a hint of apples and … Continue reading Day 1 ‘Chocolate-Apple Loaf’