Day 19 ‘Gingerbread Cake Roll’

You know what was missing in my collection of festive bakes? Roll cake! I wouldn’t have figured it out without a little help… In the meantime my little Elf and I changed the location and headed to grandma’s, leaving Nico and four-legged meowing fluff in charge of the house until they are ready to join us. We’d packed all the necessities, as well as some … Continue reading Day 19 ‘Gingerbread Cake Roll’

Day 5 ‘Gingerbread Cookies’

I have a soft spot for gingerbread, in any shape or form. I think within all the staple Christmas bakes this is the one that makes this festive period truly magical. The mix of perfectly balanced flavours; warming ginger and cloves, as well as fragrant cinnamon make your palate know that Christmas is finally here! Not mentioning about wonderful smell filling your home to the … Continue reading Day 5 ‘Gingerbread Cookies’