Day 10 Monday Special ‘Lava Cake’

I have never considered myself overly superstitious. I am not going to lie, I am not very fond of Friday 13th and wouldn’t go under the ladder but the second one more because of the safety reasons than anything else.

This morning though, made me think that there might be an element of truth in all these stories about Mondays. And trust me, I like Mondays, or at least don’t mind them as much as most people do. It’s a fresh start that brings thrill of excitement and sets pace for the entire week, what’s not to like about it?

From the early morning I was experiencing some sort of butterfly effect. Seemingly small things would cause major drama. Let me explain briefly. As every morning I prepared a bowl of porridge for my little Elf. We started eating breakfast- she doesn’t eat on her own yet so I feed her with a spoon. First, second, tenth spoon is landing in her mouth with no fail- perfect, I thought! No screaming, no tears, everything was going really smoothly. Even our cat, which normally keeps a distance, decided to join in and sat closer than usually. What a blissful morning…

It took literally a split second when my daughter grabbed the bowl, still half full of porridge, using the moment of my distraction broke it out of my hands and threw onto the floor. It would have been great if it’d actually landed on the floor, not on the back of the cat! 
Well, I am not going to comment on that other than ask you a question; have you ever tried removing runny porridge from the fur of fluffy cat which hates water?

That was only the start of the day. I decided to crack on with baking as it usually relaxes me. Especially working with chocolate. Melting it, mixing with other ingredients; it’s texture is very satisfying, aroma definitely simulates production of endorphins – pure magic. I decided to disenchant the day and make insanely chocolatey lava cake!

As you can conclude from the tone of this post, it didn’t go as planned. I must have kept my cakes for a bit too long in the oven as they came out fully baked, no lava whatsoever. Despite best efforts, and two batches of dough… My little chocolate volcanoes didn’t want to run with chocolate, no matter what. When my Nico complemented the cake with words ‘very good brownie!’ the bubble of tension burst and I started genuinely laughing.

I will let this recipe rest for a while but giving up is not in my nature so there will be definitely a second part to that story. I will keep you posted and share the recipe once I have mastered it! I know one thing for certain, I am not going to try to bake it again on Monday!

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