Day 19 ‘Gingerbread Cake Roll’

You know what was missing in my collection of festive bakes? Roll cake! I wouldn’t have figured it out without a little help… In the meantime my little Elf and I changed the location and headed to grandma’s, leaving Nico and four-legged meowing fluff in charge of the house until they are ready to join us. We’d packed all the necessities, as well as some … Continue reading Day 19 ‘Gingerbread Cake Roll’

Day 18 ‘Macaroons in disguise’

If you asked me month ago if seventeen days is  enough to learn new skill or at least get to grips with something that you have not practised extensively or done on daily basis, I would say yes. With no hesitation. Obviously assuming that we were not talking about learning new language or working out guiding principles of theory of general relativity. Seventeen days, that’s … Continue reading Day 18 ‘Macaroons in disguise’

Day 16 ‘White Christmas Truffle Cake’

The second week of my baking challenge is about to be over… I’m going though all the recipes looking at what I have already baked, trying to decide what still could be added and what’s missing in my rather fast growing collection of bakes. What I can see is indefinite sea of chocolate; chocolate truffles, chocolate brownies, chocolate decorations everywhere. At this point it’s quite … Continue reading Day 16 ‘White Christmas Truffle Cake’

Day 13 ‘Carrot Cupcakes’

Christmas encourage us to find more time for family gatherings and overdue catch-ups with friends. I bet your calendar is bursting in seems at this time of year. That’s the part of December celebrations that I look forward to the most, I guess. This, or dumplings… both are eagerly awaited. Hard to decide, sorry guys! 😉 Thing is, if you go to visit someone it’s … Continue reading Day 13 ‘Carrot Cupcakes’